Milk Mountain, 2016

Milk Mountain is a film that depicts a young woman’s struggle to carry a bowl of milk up a mountain situated in the Alps near Leysin, Switzerland. Wearing a white dress and walking barefoot, the protagonists’ harrowing journey to reach the peak of the mountain serves as a ritual for healing, transformation and reckoning. Drawing inspiration from the local folklore from the town, the milk signifies the sacrifice that farmers would leave out for the “fairies” that protected their crops and them from the harsh conditions of the mountain. The town, rich in history - from housing patients suffering from tuberculosis to becoming a winter tourist destination - creates a stage that is lost in time, as the landscape contrasts with the woman who is oddly, hypnotically determined to bring the milk to its final resting place. In the end her journey culminates with the evidence of her struggles found in the deterioration of her clothes and the relinquishing of what she has protected throughout her journey.

Cinematography by Maximillian Conway and Fabio Mota.

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