Indivisible, 2017

In this performance an invisible wall is created using multiple strands of transparent monofilament line horizontally stretched from one side of the room to another. The performer remains trapped on one side and the audience remains on the other. This separation might not be visible to the naked eye as the monofilament line is transparent. On the side of the wall that the performer exists, black ink is painted onto the string. As the performer tries to engage with the wall, marks left from the wall are then transferred onto the body. The body of the performer acts as a stamp, pressing against the invisible wall and then placing their body onto a physical wall in the space. The inherent residue that remains as a result of penetrating the wall directly, emulates the way marginalisation and separatism create a lasting universal impact long after a wall has been erected. The act itself ritualistically and rhythmically exists as the body forces an interaction with the invisible wall repeatedly until it can no longer hold the individual breaking through to the other side.

Documentation by  Fabio Mota.

© Keegan Luttrell 2023