For Joan, 2019

Solo exhibition at Centrum, Berlin DE. 

With her exhibition For Joan, Luttrell examines two different explorations of the meaning of armour, one that explores a narrative where armour fuses with the body to create a singular entity, highlighting the implications of this action, while the other perceives armour as a metaphor for building something that does not exist.

The title of the exhibition was inspired by the iconic figure Jeanne d'Arc – Joan of Arc – who led the French army to war against England in the 1430s, but who finally experienced how her male allies turned against her after several defeats, and sold her to the opponents. In 1431, d'Arc was put on trial. After a short process, she was burned at the stake as a witch. After a revision process to restore her honour by Charles VII in 1455, as well as her beatification in 1909, d’Arc is one of France’s national heroines.

— Text by curator, Max Weiland.

Photos © Ute Klein and courtesy of the artist. 

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